Reporting bugs

Bugs are reported using the Issue tracker on GitHub.

When you report a bug, try to be as specific as possible, and provide all the relevant information:

  • Version of poppler

  • Version of python-poppler

  • Operating system name and version

  • Python version

If an exception occurred, provide the entire stack trace.

Before submitting a new bug, please verify it is not already reported. If it is, verify if you can provide additional information.

If you can, consider pull_request.

Requesting features

Suggestions and feature requests can be submitted using the Issue tracker on GitHub as well.

However, you should understand that the main goal of python-poppler is to provide a Python binding to the poppler-cpp library. Therefore, if you need a feature that is not currently in poppler-cpp, we will probably not implement it in python-poppler. But if you integrate a new feature in poppler-cpp, we will certainly add it to python-poppler.

Submitting a pull request

Pull requests are the preferred way for submitting patches, bug corrections, and new features.

When you submit a pull request, verify the following points:

  • You agree that the submitted code is under GPL 2.0 license;

  • Code is formatted using black. Ensure everything is well formatted, using tox -e lint command;

  • Please provide tests proving the bug is corrected, or covering the new feature, when it’s possible;

  • Ensure that all unit tests pass, using the tox command;

  • Add a line to the changelog, in docs/changelog.rst;

  • Update the documentation, when it applies.