poppler.pagerenderer module

class poppler.pagerenderer.PageRenderer

Bases: object

PageRenderer allows to render a Page object to an Image.

It is a wrapper for poppler.cpp.page_renderer.page_renderer.

static can_render()

Tell whether poppler was compiled with the Splash render backend.

This should always return True. If it returns False, render_page() will systematically return an invalid Image.


whether a render backend was compiled with poppler.

Return type:


property image_format
property line_mode
property paper_color
property render_hints
render_page(page, xres=72.0, yres=72.0, x=-1, y=-1, w=-1, h=-1, rotate=<rotation_enum.rotate_0: 0>)
set_render_hint(hint, on=True)

A flag of an option taken into account when rendering